Trade Goods

These are a few examples of our Trade Goods – what is available may vary from time to time. Some items may be available for bulk order, depending on availability.

We source the best items we can find. For herbs, botanicals & resins these are usually organic, sustainably sourced and (when possible) locally grown.

Our White Buffalo Sage comes directly from the mountain range it grows on in S.W. California – cared for, hand harvested, dried traditionally/natually by the same family for many generations. White Buffalo Sage is one of the the best medicines nature has provided us – burn it, drink it, bathe in it. For some Scientific information about the benefits of Sage, see this article from the US National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of Health).

I’ve used sage for about ten years. I’m so grateful to come across yours. I truly believe it’s the best I ever used. The first time I lit it I cried. I feel it was a release I was never able to do until now. It just makes me so much more grateful for your sage medicine. Thank you so much.Stephanie Estrela

Our Bear Salve/Oil & Minigan is handmade exclusively in London, Ontario with naturally & sustainably sourced ingredients, by our good friend, Daniel N. Pelletier (Ojibway Nation).

We hand make our own Clay pipes here in Ontario. Based on traditional Haudenosaunee style ‘personal pipes’, these are authentic, Museum Quality reproductions of many original designs unearthed in archaeological digs…and all are functional.

Many of the crafts we carry are made by the Haudenosaunee or Anishinaabeg Nations here in Ontario – though we do acquire items through trade with other Nations! If there is anything you are looking for, feel free to contact us.