About Us

Our family includes no less than four First Nations – Algonkin, Mi’kmaq, Meskwaki & Lakota…and many of the first French to land in what is now Canada & the US – who lived, loved and traded with many Nations as friends and relatives.

Trade-Goods-01The Kinnikinnick Trading Company honours these relations by trading in traditional First Nations goods; clay effigy pipes, botanicals (especially White Buffalo Sage), pelts, beads, shells, rattles, natural resins, Bear Oil & Minigan Salves, trade blankets, art…and more! We also have access to a variety of edged weapons and tools (including historical and hand forged) through our mates at Bad Billy’s Blades.

You may find us at various events (historical  and otherwise) and traditional Pow Wows; feel free to invite us to any event you think appropriate. If there is something you need to find, let us know and we’ll see if we can acquire it for you!

As for the name, Kinnikinnick is a traditional smoking mixture (it contains no tobacco) – common to many First Nations – comprised of various plants like Bearberry Leaf, Willow Bark, Red Sumac & Lovage Bark – though it varies, depending on who is mixing it. The word itself means “mixture” and varies only slightly in pronunciation among many Nations. It is smoked for both healing & ceremonial reasons; as well as for simple relaxation. We chose this name to represent the “mixture” of cultures we represent and items we may provide.