Already August

It’s already August 2021; where did the time go? Well, if you’re like the rest of the world, it’s burned away under the flood of pandemic, political and personal crises that have been more prevalent than ever in the last couple of years…

We’ve been keeping busy…to better serve our customers!

  • creating new designs for our “Merch” offerings (T-shirts, Jackets, Hoodies, Hats, Mugs & Laptop covers)
  • better labels that withstand water/oil/sunlight
  • new bottles that keep the light out (essential to keeping most medicinals at their peak) and look great too
  • shrink-wrap seals to keep bottles tightly closed until you open them

Pȟežúta / Npisun / Mashkikii / Onónhkwa / ᒪᐢᑭᐦᑮᕀ

We are very pleased to present our 4 Grandmothers Smokeless Smudge Spray! There are many times/places where we need to share our traditional medicines, but may be limited by modern principles of safety or health (hospitals, seniors homes, schools, etc.). Our smokeless smudge spray is the best solution to bring your healing ceremonies to places where anything burning is disallowed. All natural ingredients, sustainably sourced, in a very portable, fine-mist, spray bottle.

Our Dit Da Jow is always popular as one of the best, natural, easy to use, pain relief medicines you will find. Anyone who uses it will agree, “2 drops, the pain stops”! In pocket sized, amber glass bottles; a little goes a long way. Some ask, “Why, as an Indigenous person, are you selling a Chinese medicine?” – a very simple answer, it works! I have personally used this for years after being introduced to it by the Sifu at my Kung Fu school. In order to have a consistent supply & result, I’ve been making it myself for over 20 years.

unisex t-shirt

“I was pleased to find a t-shirt with the One Dish, One Spoon Treaty Wampum. As a non-Indigenous person, it underlines that we are here on stolen land, and we should align our behaviour with the standing agreement between the original people.”

—Joanne M.


We’ve created a few new designs for our outerwear – our embroidered hats seem to be a popular option. Of course, we also have these designs available on hoodies, mugs, laptop/tablet covers and Champion® brand windbreakers & bomber jackets! Most of our T-shirts are now available in 100% recycled fabric with a great fit (sizes SM – 2XL) or 100% cotton (sizes 3XL-5XL). Hoodies & Hats are mixed blends, but all very high quality. We believe in “equality pricing” – every size of the same shirt (or hoodie) is the same price!

maple water

“Glad I tried this! The maple water is so nice, not sweet and has a wonderful mouth feel! Really good when it’s super cold!”

— Connie S.

Maple Products

This continues to be a very hot and humid summer, and one of the most important health practices is to stay hydrated. There is absolutely nothing better to keep your electrolytes happy & hydrated than 100% pure Maple Water! We only sell what we use, and this has saved us many times from the sheer exhaustion of hot humid days. It’s extremely low in sugar, so it’s highly regarded as a safe and healthy alternative to the sugar & artificial boost infused ‘energy drinks’ on the market…often recommended for diabetes sufferers (always check with your medical professional). 46 different minerals, naturally occurring electrolytes and antioxidants and certified organic. Of course, no maple product inventory would be complete without some all natural, all Canadian, Maple Syrup! We just have one of the best available, with an extra twist – it’s Bourbon Barrel Aged – lending it an extra smoky hint of deep flavour.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions – we’re always happy to help where we’re able.

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