Can You Bear It?

Along with our “usual” goods, we have a few unique items for sale. Items may be picked up in Port Colborne, at our next event, or arrangements for shipping/delivery can be made at an additional cost.

To purchase any of these items, contact us.


These are authentic Canadian fur hats, popular since before confederation! The furs are all ethically/sustainably acquired by Indigenous hunters; prepared and sewn by a Haudenosaunee craftsman. A truly unique gift for someone (or yourself). Only ONE of each. Unlined and very warm, will fit headsize up to about 24″ (except the Bear only hat, it’s lined so more comfotable on a smaller headsize – about 22″)

  • Hat – Raccoon: $150
  • Hat – Bear: $250
  • Hat – Coyote: $200
  • Hat – Wolf & Bear combo: $150


Two good sized Deer pelts: $350 ea. ($600 for the pair)

One full Black Bear pelt, including all claws & the face: $800

Three full “tubed” Raccoon pelts: $80 ea.


An assortment of great skulls!

  • Black Bear (various sizes): $200 ea.
  • Javelina (Wild Pig): $150
  • Coyote: $120
  • “Vegan” Coyote (upper jaw only, 2 molars): $20


This is a one-of-a-kind knife, handmade in Ontario. All parts sustainably harvested.

Handle is Deer Antler and the very sharp point is hand knapped from Burlington Chert and wrapped with sinew.


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