Cotton Conundrum – Your Vote Counts!

It’s cold out, you need a hat (and it needs to look sharp). Here’s the conundrum: would you rather it was made with (a) a mix of 50% recycled polyester & 50% acrylic or (b) 100% organic/ethical cotton? Same style (minor differences in the weave), same quality manufacturing, same smartly embroidered designs, same price!

The ‘recycled’ option feels thicker physically, but the cotton option has a tighter weave (making it slightly heavier fabric). Both have comparable stretch and fit, though the cotton one has 5 seams at the top (compared to 4 on the recycled one) and feels a little more snug. Shipping cost is the same, fulfillment time is roughly the same too.

There are some minor colour options, but black and olive/green are common to both.

So…I need your help! Vote (anonymously) for your best option, add any special reason you chose it, and we’ll see how this pans out. The winning hat may become the subject of a giveaway, though unlikely to arrive before the “holidays” are upon us.

Use Your Head...

Which of these fine hats would you prefer to wear?

The poll has expired!

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