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We’ve been busy refreshing our stock & ‘upgrading’ some of our packaging for our medicines.

If you’ve used our Dit Da Jow before, you know it’s one of the best, natural, easy to use, pain relief medicines you will find – “2 drops, the pain stops”! If you haven’t tried it, now is the perfect time…it’s even great relief for “covid arm”. Now in our newly labelled, shrink sealed, 10ml amber glass bottles!

Now that the warm weather is here, it comes with your favourite visitors…bugs! Our Skeeter Skat™ all natural bug repellent is good for keeping those little nibblers off your skin. We have a few amber glass bottles available (60ml) , but are switching to green PET bottles – still 60ml, still recyclable, but much lighter and easier to carry out on a walk!

Did I mention we’ve been busy? We’ve added an extra special product to our traditional medicines – 4 Grandmothers Smokeless Smudge™. A special blend of the 4 Sacred Plants/Medicines that you can use in places where burning medicines is not practical (or permitted). Cleanse any space, inside or out with a quick spray – even your vehicle!

We now have a consistent supplier for our packaging! Great selection & quality, competitive prices (even with the exchange rate), reasonable delivery times and fantastic service. We researched a number of places and did try to find a Canadian supplier, but the one that claimed to have great prices/service (and a huge warehouse) apparently have not one single staff member to answer the phone, email or contact forms!
SO…we are now working with SKS Bottle in upstate New York and couldn’t be more impressed; it’s always nice to find a reliable supplier for such necessary items! While there is usually a duty charge at the border, shipping is free for orders over $250, so it often evens out…and still less expensive than the Canadian company that couldn’t be bothered.

Speaking of great service, anyone we know who also uses Sticker Mule will say the same; great service, frequent specials, great quality product…and always free shipping! Anything you can imagine on almost any sticker, label, magnet, button – even packing tape! They’re very easy to work with, and can assist with the artwork if you’re full of ideas, but don’t have the technical skills.

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