Journey with us to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology in London, ON for the annual Maple Harvest Festival – Sat., 10 March, 2018 10am-4pm. Gathering this sweet sap is a centuries old Indigenous tradition – and while most are familiar with the syrup that has become a Canadian symbol, many do not realize the health benefits of the sap itself. Often referred to as “Maple Water”, the sap naturally contains more than 46 bioactive nutrients essential to health, including phytonutrients, minerals, active antioxidants, electrolytes, amino and organic acids; good for your heart, strengthens your immune system, perfect hydration and full of vitamins & minerals! For the first time, we will have pure Canadian Maple Water for sample & sale!

Activities will be held both indoors and out. Indigenous Elders will share their knowledge of these traditions, experience a tree blessing and awakening ceremony, traditional tapping of a Maple tree, storytelling, hot rock cooking. Inside the museum explore the maple exhibition, Cultural Craft Vendors and family activities. Maple goods for sale in the Gift Shop and raffle tickets for a gift basket! At this special event, a $2 donation gains you entry to the Museum and all the activities (with the exception of the new VR Experience).

The Museum is the location of one of our favourite Pow Wow gatherings (3rd weekend in Sept. inside the recreated Chonnonton Village) and they work closely with the Indigenous community to bring Culture, History and Science together.

The Museum of Ontario Archaeology is located just behind a quiet residential area near Wonderland Road and Fanshawe Park Road in London, Ontario.

1600 Attawandaron Rd., London ON (MAP)


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