What can I say? I was inspired by a line from the brilliantly twisted minds behind “Shoresy” (and previously, Letterkenny)…and while it’s Jared Keeso‘s creation, this particular inspiration feels like Kaniehtiio Horn is behind it. While I mention these two legends, props to Jacob Tierney and the entire cast & crew of these two series, for diversity in front of and behind the camera – not because they had to, but because these are the best people for the job! The humour is uniquely “Canadian” (particularly Ontario & Quebec), rapid fire, and often “not safe for…” anyone with ten-ply ears. It IS often painfully funny, and for some of us, reminiscent of people we have known over the years.

In any event, truer words were never spoken, and as soon as I heard them, I said, “that needs to be a shirt!” and, respectfully, here it is!

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