Grandmas Pana (Snow Knife) isn’t just for show…

Sometimes the younger generations need a reminder; we were all young once (and hopefully learned from our…um…”adventures”). Reaching the age of “Elder” is an accomplishment, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve stopped doing things! We are (hopefully) taught to respect our Elders for their knowledge of life and – if we’re fortunate – language & culture. Elders can be serious at times, but I’ve yet to meet one who doesn’t have a deadly sense of humour or a glimmer in their eye when telling a good story.

In honour of all the Elders out there, we’ve created our first ever customizable shirt! The top half is permanent; “I May Be An Elder, But I Can Still…” – you add your own word or phrase after that (it’s one line, so keep it short & pointed). Unisex, 100% soft cotton, available in 2 colours and sizes, from small Grandmother to very big Uncle – and the same price as all our other shirts!

Never underestimate your Elders…

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