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  • Copper Leaf/Dish


    A truly unique piece of solid copper art! Use it for smudging, water ceremony, or simply to hold your valuables. Copper has been used by Indigenous people for thousands of years for both decorative and practical uses. Copper is scientifically noted to have anti-microbial properties (resists mould, fungus, kills many common bacteria). Small aprox. 4…

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  • Cedar

    $10.00 / 50 gm

    Cedar is one of the four sacred plants and has many uses – both in ceremony and personal health. Representing strength & resilience, it may be burned (like Sage, Sweetgrass, etc.). It is often placed inside near doorways for protection in the home and is commonly used as a refreshing tea. It is also used…

  • 4 Grandmothers Smokeless Smudge™ Spray

    $20.00 / 60 ml Buy now

    For all those places you need to smudge, but can’t burn anything – cleanse any space, inside or out with a quick spray! Great when you’re not feeling well – or when you are…a little goes a long way! #SmudgeDontJudge #SageAgainstTheMachine Contains an exclusive infusion of the Four Sacred Plants (with a strong balance of…

  • White Buffalo Sage

    $10.00 / Loose Sage, 50g Bag Buy now

    Our White Buffalo Sage comes directly from the mountain range it grows on in S.W. California – sustainably planted & cared for, hand harvested, dried traditionally/naturally by the same family for many generations. White Sage is one of the Four Sacred Medicines (along with Sweetgrass, Cedar & Tobacco) and is one of the best medicines…