Bear Growler, Frog Croaker, Rasp

The Rasp is a traditional percussion instrument in many Indigenous culture in the Americas and around the world. The Southern Ute Nation call it a “Bear Growler”, in Central America it is called a Güiro (often made from a hollow gourd), many people associate the sound with Bullfrogs…other nations have other names (please comment if you know of any); but it is a Rasp in the end.

These are made by cutting equal sized and spaced ridges into a branch that is then rubbed with a smaller stick or bone. I have made these from Willow branches; retrieved from a large tree that fell during a windstorm. Some evoke shapes of animals, though all have followed the natural shape of the wood, with only a little extra modification here or there.

We have a limited selection available for sale in various sizes, $40 each. You can find us at our next event, or inquire through the website. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date!

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